Can I Trust Suppliers on Alibaba or Made In China?

While doing business, you have to trust the party with whom you are dealing. It does not mean that you close your eyes and let everything happen. Trusting suppliers can be difficult when you start a deal for the first time with a new supplier. And when you are new to the business then, it is far more difficult. 

People usually ask if they can trust the suppliers on Alibaba. Alibaba is a leading marketplace where you will find true suppliers who provide what they say and scammers who just have their eyes on your money. So, this article will tell you how you can trust suppliers on Alibaba.

Never Deal With a Middleman

Alibaba is a huge marketplace where you will find every product and its manufacturer as well. When starting your business, you try to get in touch with a supplier to get your products to sell them online. You will find many middlemen on Alibaba who will say anything to prove them as a supplier. 

These middlemen do business by picking an order from you and giving it to a supplier in their contacts. Middlemen are not frauds; they are doing business. The disadvantage of working with a middleman is that you will get very little in return for your investment because the middleman makes money through your money. 

You will assume the middleman to be a supplier, and they will be getting your products ready from the actual supplier. Dealing with a middleman will leave you with very few products, and the quality can also be compromised. The quality you require might need more investment, but your products will be of less quality because of the middlemen. 

Be Aware Of Scammers

Scammers are all around the world, whether it is an online marketplace or a physical market. It is completely up to you how you get away from scammers. Middlemen, as mentioned earlier, will only earn some amount from your money and leave you with products of less quality. In the end, still, you have something in your hand as a result of your investment. Whereas a scammer will take all your money away, leaving you empty-handed. Alibaba has put forth a strong effort to fight these scammers and throw them out of the platform. Still, you will find many suppliers who are frauds or scammers looking to steal your money. 

A scammer will not know the techniques that are required to manufacture a product. You know everything about product manufacturing, so ask him about the procedures and materials used. If the person you are talking to is not a scammer, he will be telling you everything properly. So, don’t fall by getting cheap price quotes as it can be a scam. 

Safeguard Yourself by Verifying Suppliers

To safeguard yourself from low-quality products, scammers, and middlemen, you need to verify if a supplier is genuine or not. Whenever you make a deal, it is very important to verify the supplier. You must check the business background of a supplier before placing an order. Alibaba follows different approaches to verify a supplier. 

Alibaba provides three different badges to a verified supplier that appears on the product listing and profile of the supplier. So if you are finding suppliers on Alibaba, you must take care of these three verification processes. 

Another very popular verification process is appointing a third-party agent who will visit the factory of a supplier to check authenticity. It will cost you some extra amount, but it is better to spend extra money instead of losing all your investment. Have a look at these points: 

You can verify a supplier by asking questions regarding the business and anything else that makes you comfortable. Make a list of questions that you want to ask so that you do not forget anything.

You can ask for their factory location and can send a sourcing agent there to verify. The agent will ask questions regarding the machinery and workers for your product development. 

Asking for a sample of products from a supplier is your right, so do not hesitate. By seeing the sample they have produced before, you can know the quality of work this supplier can provide. If a supplier provides you with satisfactory answers and product samples, you can start working by placing your order. 

So, make sure that you verify a supplier before placing an order!

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