How to Get Quality When Importing From China?

The customer only gets satisfied if they get quality products. Otherwise, customers will stop buying from you and tell others to do the same as well. This article will tell you how to get quality products when sourcing from China.

Collaboration with a Sourcing Agent

While you are importing from China, you are not available to check the quality of the product yourself. To avoid any mishaps regarding product quality, you need someone to be in the factory where your product is being manufactured. Collaboration with a third party can help you in many ways. 

The sourcing agent will find the best supplier suiting your budget, check the quality of products before the delivery, and take care of the shipping. The quality inspection is very crucial, and the sourcing agent will tell you everything clearly. If the product is not up to your requirements, you can ask the supplier to overcome the quality issues. This will ensure that you are getting quality products. 

Define the Quality Benchmark

To define the quality benchmark to the supplier, you need to know your requirements. You need to work with your design team to know the specification of the product you want to manufacture. Before placing the order, your design team needs to prepare a sample of the product you want to import. 

It is very crucial to finalize the flow of work regarding the raw materials. Your production team needs to make a list of raw materials that are required for the manufacturing process. Once the design is ready and the raw materials chart is completed, you know what quality you want to have in the products you are looking to import from China. 

Telling Quality Standards to the Supplier

Once you have defined the quality benchmark then, you can communicate with the supplier. In your meeting with the supplier, you can tell the quality standards in your product. As you have prepared a sample, you know what material is required and the time to complete the order.

You can ask the supplier about the expected delivery time and money spent if you think that the supplier is demanding a high price and more time; then, you can negotiate what is suitable. 

The quality standard will tell the supplier that this is the model that they need to manufacture. If the product development goes lower than this standard, it will not be accepted. 

Ensure Quality during Production

Quality audits at different levels of the production process are of great significance. You can ask your sourcing agent to check the quality at three different levels. The first one is the pre-production audit. In this audit, the sourcing agent will check the quality of raw materials and the number of workers appointed for product development. 

If everything is alright then, ask the supplier to start. In the second audit, which is the in-progress audit, the agent can do sample testing. This will let the workers know that they need to maintain the quality standards at every level.

Once the product is manufactured, the agent can do a post-production audit. The agent will compare the product with the quality requirements defined by you. With these three audit processes, you will surely get the quality of the product you are looking for. 

Check Products before Shipping 

If the product has arrived and there are flaws then, you can’t do anything as the supplier has done everything as you stated. It is very important to check the quality before shipping products. To ensure the quality, you can appoint a quality control team to check the quality of products before sending. It requires time and money, but this is the safest thing to do to get quality products. Once you get a green signal from the hired agency, you can ask the supplier to send the products. 

These quality check steps and processes will make sure that you get the right quality as expected. 

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