Where Can I Source Products from China?

Search for the China sourcing websites, and one of the guaranteed names is Alibaba. People looking for products from china would start and end with Alibaba and have other alternatives. Hence, some advice to the clients is to set their net wider and search data on different china sourcing websites before they settle on the supplier of choice. 

You can glean more information even if the same Chinese supplier comes in multiple results. Search for their factory photos, contact details, certifications, product types, etc. All of this information is beneficial for the sourcing procedure. 

Here are some of the websites that you can look up to search for china sourcing websites.


Website: Alibaba.com

Headquarters: Hangzhou, China

Slogan: global trade starts here

Alibaba is one of the biggest b2b sourcing portals and has become synonymous with sourcing from China. It is the only platform people look for while looking up products and the comprehensive range of products and suppliers. However, with time, the website has developed a reputation as a hotbed of counterfeits. It has become the biggest tech company from a sourcing website, including a portfolio of eCommerce platforms. 


Website: dhgate.com

Headquarters: Beijing, China

Slogan: buy globally, sell globally.

DHgate is an online wholesale platform for the buyers to search for competitively priced quality manufactured by china with lower MOQs than other platforms. One standout factor is their payment system that only gives the payment to a seller once the buyer confirms the list of items.

Global Sources

Website: globalsources.com

Headquarters: Hong Kong

This website has helped more than 1.4 million international clients in more than 240 states to source from foreign, where China is making up most hits. Their regular Hong Kong shows help facilitate the international clients to source in china face to face with the Chinese suppliers. This aspect makes the Hong Kong show popular and quite helpful. 


Website: made-in-china.com

Headquarters: Nanjing, china

Slogan: connecting buyers with Chinese suppliers

This website is a third-party service that connects clients with Chinese suppliers to show a clean layout that is easy to navigate. Chinese suppliers can make their homepages like Alibaba.com on made-in-china.com, including their company intro, profile, and product list. 

China Suppliers

Website: en.china.cn

Headquarters: Beijing, China

Slogan: connecting global buyers and china suppliers

China suppliers tend to be the “Exclusive Government Authorized B2B E-Marketplace in China.” As per our research, China Internet News Center owns them under the State Council Information Office. It is a useful website despite a slightly cumbersome, featuring different Chinese products and suppliers. Besides, its URL is easy to remember.


Website: en.ofweek.com

Headquarters: Shenzhen, China

Slogan: industrial b2b marketplace

Shenzhen-based OFweek is a well-made website that specializes in electronics and high-tech featuring different Chinese suppliers. Ensure to check out the Chinese tech products by them. 


Website: aliexpress.com

Headquarters: Hangzhou, China

Slogan: smarter shopping, better living.

This website was launched by Alibaba Group in 2010 as a platform for Chinese agencies to sell their stuff to foreigners. It is widely utilized, although it is not a sourcing site, especially for agencies with low MOQs.

Sellers on AliExpress might be companies or individual owners, unlike Alibaba.com, which makes supplier verification difficult and some scams. 


Website: hktdc.com

Headquarters: Hong Kong

Slogan: your business – our mission

This website plays an essential part in establishing Hong Kong companies’ better relationships with clients across the globe. Although there is not much manufacturing in Hong Kong these days, different agencies operate their factories in Mainland China, which is a good gateway to source their items. 


Website: diytrade.com

Headquarters: Hong Kong

Slogan: global b2b trading platform

DIYTrade features over 5 million items across multiple industries, an easy and clean website to use, from ball bearings to underwear.


Website: ecvv.com

Headquarters: Shenzhen, China

Slogan: challenge your trading

ECVV plays the role of a bridge empowering the merchants to stay connected and do their venture easily. It is also recommended by American International Business Council and Shenzhen Government.

There are other websites too, which you can use for sourcing purposes. However, before sourcing anything, keep in mind:

Research is the basic step. To do profitable business, research each and everything properly.

Make contact with the Chinese manufacturers and ask them about all the necessary details.

Negotiate after coming to terms and conditions.

Before buying bulk quantity, buy some samples to check the product.

Make posts of the product samples once received.

Analyze the sales that you might make.

Pivot or reorder.

Happy sourcing!

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